Falling in Love


communicating@Photoeuphoria/ Dreamstime Stock photo

I fell in love when I was thirteen. I was just an ordinary school girl, at Secondary school, and had been born and raised in the cold and blustery north of England.

You may imagine this is going to be one of those stories about a typical teenage crush on an English tutor, (I even remember his name; Mr. Coleman,) but no, it wasn’t    him.

And no, it wasn’t the cute boy next-door either. (We lived in the country miles away from anybody remotely interesting.)

Neither was it a classmate.

No. This was the real thing and I knew it; a love story that has lasted for over 30 years and yes, we are still going strong!

It was… Foreign Languages!

It all started with the French language, to be precise, but then I got sort of addicted and dabbled about with others. I had a little fling with German which was fun for a time, but it was when Spanish came along that I was swept off my feet.

And here you have us, still together after all these years.

Since then Foreign language learning and teaching, especially of Spanish, has been an integral part of who I am and what I do.

I have had so much pleasure and satisfaction out of learning language and teaching others about language and language learning that I want you also to experience the joy of language learning and I especially want to help you towards acheiving your language learning dreams.

There is a wonderful feeling in knowing that you can confidently communicate with people who speak a different language to your own. Imagine how many more people I have been able to communicate with, since I was able to speak Spanish fluently , a bit of French, and even some Basque, German and Arabic too. If you set a little time aside on a regular basis, you will be able to do that too.

And the great thing is that is not that difficult, if you go about it the smart way.

More next time…


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