azulejo_Ixxvii by endless autumn CC BY-SA 2.0



azulejo_Ixxvii by endless autumn CC BY-SA 2.0
I love patterns

I love patterns.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “pattern” as;”A regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way something happens or is done.”

The great thing about patterns in language learning is, once you notice the pattern, all you have to do is act accordingly. It’s simple. There are some very simple patterns that you will soon be able to notice for yourself. These patterns will make your language learning so easy, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t noticed them before. Here’s a simple pattern to get started on.

Consider these sentences:

Soy inglesa                   I’m English

Soy española                I’m Spanish

Soy inteligente            I’m intelligent

Soy tonta                      I’m silly

Soy baja                        I’m short

Soy alta                         I’m tall

Soy trabajadora          I’m hard-working

Soy perezosa               I’m lazy

Soy graciosa                I’m funny

Soy simpática              I’m nice

Soy una mujer             I’m a woman

Soy un hombre            I’m a man

Can you see a pattern emerging? Great. You’ve got it!

It’s all about patterns…pretty patterns, interesting patterns, colourful patterns, language patterns.

More next time…


  1. Buenas

    Que tiempo has dedicado a tremendo a porte y hay muchas cosas que no sabía que me has aclarado, esta
    maravilloso.. te quería agradecer el espacio que dedicaste, con unas infinitas gracias, por enseñarle a gente como yo jijiji.


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  2. Great point about the value of thinking in terms of patterns. People often don’t realize how many things they could, in theory, say. Take your one pronoun (first person singular) and your twelve adjectives, and that’s 12 sentences. Add another pronoun (let’s say second person singular) and, with a little bit of fiddling with the inflection of the verb, you have 24 sentences. Add “muy” and now you can say 48 sentences, with just two pronouns + one adverb + twelve adjectives = 14 words. Add “we” and it’s 96 sentences with 15 words–you see the pattern…

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