Las Uvas de la suerte or Midnight Grapes.

Photo by jacinta Lluch

I love Spanish traditions, and one of my favourites is eating UVAS at MEDIANOCHE  on NOCHE VIEJA  (GRAPES at MIDNIGHT on NEW YEAR’S EVE. )

I’m so excited.

Tonight I’ll be going to the PLAZA together with most of the people of my town to hear the town clock (RELOJ) strike twelve midnight (MEDIANOCHE). On each CAMPANADA (stroke of the bell) everybody in the PLAZA (town square) will pop an UVA (grape) into their BOCA (mouth) with such seriousness and ceremony that it is hilarious! 

 By the time there have been five or six CAMPANADAS (strokes of the bell), everyones BOCA (mouth) is brimming with UVAS (grapes), but the idea is to continue stuffing until all twelve UVAS (grapes) are eaten, synchronising with the CAMPANADAS  (strokes of the bell). Only then will you have BUENA SUERTE  (Good Luck) for the New Year (AÑO NUEVO) [Pronunciation: ANYO NOOAYBO]

I’ll be meeting up with lots of AMIGOS (friends) and people we know, we’ll open some ‘cava’ (Spanish sparkling wine typically used in celebrations and enjoy a toast (BRINDIS)  for AÑO NUEVO (New Year). 

 Then there will be fireworks  (FUEGOS ARTIFICIALES) [literally : fires artificials]  and a FIESTA (party) with MÚSICA (music) for everyone. 

I know it will be great fun, as I have been following this tradition for many years now!

Would you like to join me?

 We are meeting in the PLAZA at 11.30, so get your UVAS ready and peeled to make it easier to guzzle them all.  ¡BUENA SUERTE!  Good Luck !

Please let me know if you enjoyed reading about my plans like this.

More next time…

Some reminders:

UVA   [Pronunciation: ooba]  Grape 

UVAS    [Pronunciation: oobas] Grapes 


NOCHE VIEJA New Year’s Eve. (Literally: Night Old)

PLAZA  Town Square

RELOJ   Clock

 PLAZA DEL RELOJ  Clock Square  (Literally: Square of the Clock)

CAMPANADA     Stroke of the bell 

BOCA     Mouth


AÑO NUEVO (Pronunciation: ANYO NOOAYBO) New Year

AMIGOS   Friends

BRINDIS   A toast ( e.g. raising a glass of wine in celebration) 

FUEGOS ARTIFICIALES  Fireworks (literally : fires artificial)  





    1. Silvia, thanks for reading.
      I wondered whether writing sort of in ‘Spanglish’ worked well for the Student of Spanish? Would like to know if you ended up knowing some of the target vocabulary? Would appreciate some feedback if you have time.
      Regards. Marie


    1. Thanks so much for reading, Olga.
      I’m thinking of developing that style a bit more, trying to deliver vocabulary while reader is almost ‘unaware’.
      Is that osmosis? Maybe subliminal?


  1. Hi Barbara!
    I had a lovely time, but unfortunately the Plaza was so packed that we couldn’t even move. I made lots of new friends though, so that was great.
    Happy 2017 to you too.
    Let’s hope for less DV this year.
    ( I follow the Statistics in here in Spain and they are also very depressing)
    Regards . Marie.


  2. What a fun tradition! Here in Northern Italy we eat lentils and sausage (or shrimp) at midnight because disk-shaped food is reminiscent of coins so the more you eat the more money (and also luck) you will have in the new year. Buon Anno!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for comment….Lentils and sausage… sounds great fun tradition too!
      Amazing how we need to find a Good Luck talismán wherever we go.
      Regards. Marie.


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