I’ve got, you’ve got, she’s got…

Grammar’s always a little daunting at first.

But once you get to know her, she’s not that scary really!

And there is no avoiding at least a little bit of grammar if you are going to take your language learning seriously.

Here’s a quick review of the three previous articles  I wrote showing how the verb TENER  (to have) works in the three singular forms of the verb:

A  little note on  English grammar or ‘patterns´’ what will be useful for learning Spanish.

  •  Referred to in Grammar as‘first person singular’

I have got…     Have I got…?  I haven’t got…

  •  Referred to in Grammar as ‘second person singular’                                                                                                                                                                                       You have got… Have you got…? You haven’t got…
  • Referred to in Grammar as ‘third person singular’                                                                                                                                                                                             She has  got… Has she got…? She hasn’t got…

Now let’s see how to use those patterns in Spanish

1. You can have a look back at the first article  here. (I’ve got)

Casa abandonada (Abandoned house) source
                                       Tengo una casa        I’ve got a house.

                                      ¿Tengo una casa?     Have I got a house?

                                     No tengo una casa    I haven’t got a house.

2.Once you have refreshed your memory on that, then take a look at the second article here (You’ve got)

Una bicicleta de color rosa (A pink bicycle) source
                          Tienes una bicicleta.    You’ve got a bicycle.

                         ¿Tienes una bicicleta?   Have you got a bicycle?

                        No tienes una bicicleta. You haven’t got a bicycle.

3. Then lastly take a look here (She’s got)

Una bolsa de plástico (A plastic bag) source
Tiene una bolsa.     She’s got a bag.

¿Tiene una bolsa?   Has she got a bag.

  No tiene una bolsa.  She hasn’t got a bag.

                                     TWO REMINDERS!

Make your OWN sentences. Find the words you need in an online dictionary such as  SpanishDict.com so that your language practice really makes sense to YOU in YOUR life.

Repeat, repeat, repeat your own customised sentences as many times as you can. (Preferably when you are alone!)

Let me know if this helps…


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