Gift to celebrate 50 today! No, not me, but my posts on Speak Out in Spanish.

This post is going to be very short today, because I’m out partying.

I’m  celebrating 50 today, a real landmark for many people.

It’s a landmark  for me too, although this is certainly NOT about my age.

I can assure that I am NOT 50!

So why am I celebrating?

If I had my celebration party now, I would want this! Photo Credit
I’m celebrating because, after several months of hard work, this is Post #50 on, this website.

I’m so excited, because I never dreamt I could get so far,  but especially I never dreamt that I would have so many loyal followers, all interested in language learning and in learning Spanish in particular.

I really hope I have helped to motivate some people to start on their fabulous language journey and others to perhaps pick up again where they left off.



Three of my greatest achievements over these last few months, after growing a lovely circle  of new friends, have been

All of these opportunities earned me many more friends and followers who are still loyal to me even now.

Some of my follower friends have suggested I put together a few of my more PRACTICAL posts, with an aim to producing a  Spanish Handbook Series as I go along.

So I wasn’t sure because I don’t know if I can turn this little project I started not long ago into anything bigger, but I thought I would give it a try; “Nothing to lose ” mentality kicking in, I fear!

I salvaged the posts I wrote on SER , and have MERGED THEM TOGETHER to make a sort of  E-BOOK  focusing on verb SER.

Sign up now to receive the newsletter using the form on the right of the page.

I’m not sure if it can work, because it might be too messy and not straight forward enough for those who love traditional Grammar Books.

Sign up for this free set of all my posts (7 posts in total) on the verb SER, in a manageable PDF file, and let me know if you think it’s worth me continuing with a further set.

I can send the file once you fill in the form on the right.

Feedback is the food of motivation, in my world. If you DO give a quick look at this little e-book, and let me know if you think I’m on the right lines with this, I will gladly produce more, on whichever topic you suggest.

So as a celebratory gift, I’m making a present of this little e-book to you.

gift-wraping Click here to receive FREE TRIAL e-book focusing on the verb SER, with lots of practical examples to work with, plus the opportunity to ask me personally about your OWN needs for conversational Spanish. 

I really do count on your feedback, as it gives me the motivation to keep writing about Spanish and languages in general,  trying to help those who really love languages like me, and who want to learn Spanish in particular.



  1. Marie, I just caught your kind comment on the article I did for Spain Scoop about Benarraba. Thanks so much for leaving it. Maybe we’ll bump into each other there one day – we always go for the food fair on the last weekend of each February.

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  2. Happy Birthday! Muy bueno. My Spanish is from high school so I’ve forgotten how to say it in Spanish. I needed four years of a language for nursing school. I did 3 of Spanish and 2 of French. Never used any of them throughout my 40+ years of nursing. Sign language would have been more helpful.


    1. Hi quirky,
      It’s never too late to start a language up again, it would be so easy for you because you have notions already.
      Research shows it’s great for older adults too, helping with brain-training, which is starting to get fashionable…
      Especially to help ward off brain malfunctions that we aré already becoming aware of, in recent years.
      I was interested in sign language too, a while back.
      I might give it a go!
      Thanks s much for visiting.
      Regards. Marie.


  3. I believe you’re younger! 😀
    Congrats on the 50 posts. I enjoy reading your posts and one can spend a lot of time on your wonderful site… I hope this would be a real encouragement so we can see more from you…

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