September’s here! It’s time to enrol for that language you’ve always wanted to learn.

It’s September, the beginning of the academic year again.

Just where did that summer go?

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Lots of us dream of learning a new language, there is no doubt about that.

In fact, foreign language learning  is becoming quite a hot trend recently, as the Internet is developing fast into a really efficient platform for language learning.

There are hundreds of language learning ‘applications’ available now on the Internet market-place and more being released all the time.


Apart from tools for language learning on the Internet, there is also an absolute avalanche of weblogs of  brave (!) and lucky folk who have actually decided to live the dream and dive into language learning by giving it all up, for a few months at least, to follow their heart and travel to the country of the language they wish to learn.

It would be great, but not all of us  can just ‘give it all up’ and go to live in a foreign country for a few months to learn the language the native way! 

People say it’s better to go native; to learn the true lingo like the locals speak it,  but then maybe that style is not for all of us.

What happens if you don’t really feel comfortable with that?

What happens if you simply CAN’T do that, for whatever reason?

Does that mean you can never learn the language you have always dreamt about learning?

No, it certainly does not!

You could be in one or all the following scenarios:

You want to learn the language X , but:

  •  You have a job you need to keep!
  •  You have family commitments, which must come before your dream.
  • You may be physically unable to just ‘up and go’ , after all, it would probably be physically very challenging.
  •  You have an anxiety attack merely thinking about landing in a country where you don’t speak the language. (Although you might get over that if you were to do it, but that’s not my point  today!)
  •  You simply don’t have the finance to afford this luxury at the moment!


So this is the time to get your act together and do your research. It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!

But you have to be smart about this.

I wanted to stay put and try picking up French again. But I was lazy in getting all my facts right and I missed the ‘French’  boat two years running!

About 3 years ago I was determined to start up my French again and spent all the summer talking about the fact I would enrol for Intermediate French at my local council Adult Education Centre.

By about mid-September I thought I would go along and enrol, only to find out the registration had already finished on 12th September, only a few days previously.

The class was  full so there was no way round it. I would have to wait and apply again for the second term starting in January.

When January came, I decided that I would be far, far behind the other students by then and that I would be better off just waiting till the start of the following course in September.

I don’t even want to remember how something so similar happened the following September; warm summer nights, trips away, family events, and then Lo and Behold, I was into the 25th September trying to register for Intermediate French. AGAIN!

It didn’t happen. I had missed the boat again!

If you are considering enrolling in local Adult Education classes for a foreign language, you really need to find out NOW about the courses being offered and the registration deadline.

Don’t waste another year just by not getting around to finding out the details and being organised enough to enrol in something you dream of doing.

Many local authorities, also known as: municipalities, town halls, councils, provide adult education classes, in a great range of subjects.

These lessons are local to your area and usually they are very inexpensive, with teachers/tutors of the highest standards. Often language tutors for these courses are native speakers of the language being taught.

But there is always a time-limit on enrolment, and as enrolment usually starts at the beginning of September for many local authorities, I knew I needed to remind all of you enthusiastic language learners out there that you need to start planning for your linguistic future.

This could be the beginning of something great, linguistically speaking.

You may decide to finally leave everything for your dream of living in another language/country!

Do not let the enrolment period for language courses pass you by.

Find out now which languages you can enrol for and when.

No more procrastination.

The time is right and it’s NOW.

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