How to be negative in Spanish: There isn’t / There aren’t,: NO HAY!

Third instalment of the Spanish term HAY.

But don’t be so negative!

Before you start out you can look back on previous  two posts on this topic for beginners in Spanish, “There’s” a really useful word  and  “There are” so many words in Spanish!

In those post  we saw how both’THERE IS’  and ‘THERE ARE’ are rendered by the same word in Spanish: HAY. 

How cool is that?

Take a quick look back at those two posts to refresh the old memory neurons.

Don’t be so negative!

This post is a simple article showing, as always, how easy it is to express the NEGATIVE in Spanish and the negative of HAY, fortunately, is no exception.


So this is post is teaching:  THERE ISN’T …..or ……THERE AREN’T……


THERE IS = HAY               THERE ISN’T = NO HAY



HAY una mesa = There’s a table


A lovely table, but imagine it was just a dream……and it disappeared! Photo Credit

NO HAY  mesa = There isn’t a table                OOOPS IT’S GONE!







HAY una televisión = There’s a television


Una televisión antigua (An antique television)

NO HAY  televisión= There isn’t a television









HAY una silla = There’s a chair              camping-chair

NO HAY silla = There isn’t a chair




HAY mesas = There are some tables

NO HAY mesas = There aren’t any tables


HAY televisiones = There are some televisions

NO HAY televisiones = There aren’t any televisions


HAY  sillas = There are some chairs

NO HAY sillas = There aren’t any  chairs


                                      AMAZING CONCLUSIONS

NO HAY mesa                    There isn’t a table

NO HAY silla                      There isn’t a chair

NO HAY televisión           There isn’t a television

NO HAY mesas                 There aren’t any tables

NO HAY sillas                   There aren’t any chairs

NO HAY televisiones       There aren’t any televisions

Can you see any pattern emerging? Of course you can. They’re ALL the SAME.

There can’t be anything anything easier than this! (Well, maybe)

Repeat all the above sentences out loud, even though people will think you are going bonkers…Your Spanish is more important than what they think of you.

See a previous post, Repeat, repeat, repeat, about the benefits of serious repetition (aloud) in language learning.

                                                         SOMETHING TO DO


Now you have to make this lovely little term your own…

Don’t be lazy using the examples from MY living room…use YOUR OWN living room!

Look around your room, house, office, place where you’re at, and create YOUR OWN TRUE SENTENCES…

A great on-line dictionary to help you is Make your OWN sentences.

I can help you make some of those sentences. Jot down in the comments what you would like to say, using this Spanish term NO HAY , and I can help you make your VERY OWN SENTENCES.

Sentences that make sense to you.

Leave some sentences in the comments below and let me help you…

We haven’t finished with HAY yet! See next post!

More next time…








HAY: “There are” so many words in Spanish!

If you’re a beginner starting out to learn Spanish, then you might  have felt sometime that there are so many more words in Spanish than in English.

The famous novel by Cervantes, Don Quijote, boasts exactly 327,360 words!

quijote page

                                Don’t worry, you don’t need o learn that many!

Actually  experts consider that English has double the amount of words compared to Spanish! If you are interested in reading more about this, here is an interesting article Does Spanish have more words than English? to find out exactly what the experts say.


 Let’s get back to this lovely little word :  HAY

In my previous post : Hay: “There’s” a really useful Spanish word about HAY (pronounciation : AYE, as in “Aye Aye Captain”), we saw it can mean There’s… as in the examples below…

Hay una mesa.                                  There’s  a table

Hay una televisión.                         There’s a television

Hay una cocina.                                There’s a kitchen

Hay una silla                                      There’s a chair


Today’s post is about ANOTHER use of HAY , which shows how cool, how useful this word is.       

                      HAY also means THERE ARE !

IMPORTANT NOTE: Very often,  simply adding ‘s’ to a singular noun converts that noun into a plural form ….That’s easy !

Hay  mesas.                                                         There are  tables

Hay  gafas.                                                            There are  reading glasses

Hay niñas.   (Pron: NINYAS)                            There are girls

Hay  sillas    (Pron: SEEYAS)                             There are chairs

Your task here will be to repeat these sentences out loud, even though other people think you are going mad…


Then invent some of your own, which are relevant in your own life (vida). You can look around your living room (salón) or the whole house (casa) and make a few sentences (frases)  about what you can see. Write these down. Say them, learn them, shout them, whisper them…whatever it takes…

A good online dictionary (diccionario) to find the words you need is

If you need help ayuda to make up your own sentences (frases), let me know in the comments below what you need .

                                 AMAZING CONCLUSION


                            THERE ARE ….    =            HAY                    



       HAY =      THERE’S…(THERE IS…)


     One little word HAY in Spanish doubles up for a few words in                                                                     English!

So don’t ignore this great ‘little’ word in Spanish. Try and incorporate this word into your own Spanish learning life and use it as much as you can. It really can help you out in a lot of situations.

Try it and see.

If you need any help making your own relevant sentences, let me know in the  comments below and I will help you.

We’re not quite finished with HAY yet.

More next time!