I fell in love when I was thirteen.

At the tender age of thirteen, I discovered Spanish at school and fell in love with the beautiful language. Love at first sight, or perhaps more like love at first word.

I’m a Brit, you see, from the cold north-east of England. No surprise, then, that I was lured by dreams of warmer climes on the sunny Mediterranean coast!



I want to share my love story with others who have also fallen in love with Spanish or other foreign languages.

You can read a bit more about that here: Falling in Love

Here’s how I can help you:

As a non-native speaker of Spanish, and as someone who learned Spanish the ‘traditional’ way before ever coming to Spain, I have a small insight into how an adult can master a language.

In our articles you can find how to:

  • keep your motivation at an all-time high (necessary for any language learning goal)
  • master the intricacies of learning ANY language, but particularly Spanish
  • identify the patterns of Spanish grammar, which will help you ‘see’ the language
  • practise speaking by repeating basic Spanish phrases recorded by a native speaker (my daughter!)
  • contact us directly about all things relating to Spanish grammar/life/culture.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” Spanish course out there that can accommodate all learners.  I have learned that fact over my many years teaching languages to students. The truth is that language is a very personal issue. But I can help you…

That’s why I would love you to contact me personally so I can help you with whatever query you have about learning Spanish.

e-mail : marieryanspanish@gmail.com

                                You can also sign up for a

                               FREE HANDBOOK  called “Focus on SER” which will help you understand one the basic verbs in Spanish, SER (To be).

Go to  https://speakoutinspanish.com/ and fill in the form to get the free download now.



I will always be grateful to the Spanish language for giving a lost teenager a focus, a goal, a mission, at a time when she was being swept away in a tide of personal chaos and confusion.

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